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Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly:
The Man, The Movement, The Music


Museum Exhibit 

To celebrate the legacy of Gene Kelley, an exhibit and catalogue reveal the fascinating life of the iconic actor, dancer, director, choreographer. By designing an immersive experience using print and digital, including augmented reality, the audience not only learns of Kelly’s genius, they become a part of the excitement of sixty-plus years of Gene Kelly’s work in entertainment.

Augmented Reality Element

Augmented Reality

The exhibit features several interactive elements using augmented reality, one of the most prominent being an interactive "Dance with Gene". Viewers are invited to use their phones to video people dancing with an AR Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor during their performance of "Moses Supposes" from Singing in the Rain. Viewers can then share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, or Instagram using the hashtag "GeneKellyLives".

Gallery Entrance