UX + Product Design
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Mariposa Montessori

Mariposa Montessori


School Website

Mariposa Montessori is dedicated to the authentic Montessori education. By redesigning their website, we effectively communicated to parents Mariposa’s devotion to knowledge, exploration, compassion and play. 



While the site was fairly straightforward, we wanted to create a sitemap to ensure all content was organized by the most important information for potential parents to learn about Mariposa. The goal being for them to fall in love with the school and its teachers before moving them through the application and admissions process. 


Sketching & Wireframes


Finding the right school for a child can be a daunting task. Our goal was to make this website as friendly as possible starting with the layout.



We created a simple and straightforward structure that would showcase life at Mariposa while also bringing forward the information that parents find most important.


Final Designs

These are some examples of the final designs. Unfortunately, the client decided to go in a different direction and these designs were never put into development.