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Endeavor Communications

Endeavor Communications


Website Re-design

Endeavor Communications is the leading provider of telecom services in rural Indiana. For over 50 years they have provided excellent customer service and support to their users. While Endeavor has a majority of the market share in their communities, they have had challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising.


We were tasked with updating Endeavor's website to better promote their services and reflect their dedication to customer service, allowing them to expand into new markets. One of our major challenges in beginning this project was that over 60% of Endeavor's clients are over the age of 55.
Because this demographic can have more issues online, our goal was to create a site that prioritized readability and ease of use. 



In order to ensure that Endeavor's website was clear and easy to use, we created a sitemap that helped give us an overall sense of how we would organize service and customer support content.



Due to the large amount of content, the website pages were designed to be more modular to help streamline development and allow for future changes and customization. While each service Endeavor offers is unique, we created a consistent main structure with common modules (such as service add-ons, tutorials, and special features) that can be added or taken away where applicable. The same was done for the website's more text heavy pages as well. 


Style Tile

Our research regarding 55+ year old users came heavily into play in regards to the interface. As previously stated, we focused on readability by utilizing two high-rated, readable fonts and using a high contrast and appealing color palette. 


Final Designs

Here are some examples of the final designs for some of the service and support pages. The site is still in development and will be launched later this year. 

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